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Arc Book Club was formed in 2006 outside of Greenville, South Carolina by a group of passionate readers, artists, writers, and developers from a wide range of industries. Our goal is to produce interesting works of art across a variety of digital media formats that our fans will love.

Current Submissions


Arc Book Club has over 800 published works over several imprints. Many books have been written by our staff and fans. Currently, we are accepting Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror, and Dystopian novellas (20k-60k words) and novels (60k+) for publishing. We accept manuscripts that have been previously published if they are not currently published. For example, if it was self-published or published standalone and is no longer for sale we'll take a look. On works that have never been published we offer an advance and royalty split for 5-10 years of exclusive english print and digital rights. Please send queries or questions to [email protected] One submission per email. Multiple submissions are acceptable. Your blurb is your sales pitch.


Arc Book Club current has over 100 songs that get play all over the world. We're currently accepting music in the Electronic genre. We are especially interested in electronic music with female vocals. Please send submissions to [email protected]

Video Game Titles

Arc Book Club has helped produce and publish 7 games and is currently interested in publishing Visual Novel Games on the PC. Your game can be incomplete as long as all art assets have been produced. Please email [email protected] for more information.

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